Automatic Sexual Chemistry Review

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Automatic Sexual Chemistry ReviewAutomatic Sexual Chemistry is a new program directed to men with plenty of methods  invented and tested by Dean Cortez, a seduction expert.

The main idea of each of the methods you will find in Automatic Sexual Chemistry is:

You have the power to seduce and make fall in love with you any woman you want. All you have to do is to follow a few simple steps.

Forget about the old ideas of being friends first or spending a lot of money in several consecutive expensive dates. Thanks to Automatic Sexual Chemistry, that is in the past now.

Product Details

After reading all the information in this program, you will be able to seduce a woman, after doing this, seductions coming ahead will be even easier. You only have to follow six simple steps. All these steps were designed in order to provoke certain emotions, chemical reactions and feelings in a woman. You will automatically make her feel she has a strong sexual chemistry with you.

If you follow these easy steps strictly and chronologically, you will have absolute power to take any girl you like to bed and you will also have the power to change their minds forever making them addicted to you.

By using Automatic Sexual Chemistry you will feel automatically empowered to seduce the woman of your dreams and do whatever you want with her.

You will be able to make the one stunning woman you liked all your life and make her fall in love with you forever.

Even if you want to use this program to seduce a big amount of women just to have sex with them whenever you want, you can do it. You will set the limits, if you want any.

Automatic Sexual Chemistry is a really informative guide. You will not only get to know the methods to attract women, you will also learn why these steps are meant to work and why this effect is produced a woman. Besides, you will also learn what happens in their mind when you apply all of these steps with a woman from the sexual, psychological and hormonal point of view.

The most common problem with seducing a woman is that vast majority of men do not own a method. They just try different things depending on the woman. Let me tell you, women perceive inexperience and lack of confidence. Consistency is very important.

By using Automatic Sexual Chemistry method a few times, then you will seduce any woman automatically.

It is scientifically proven that if you want to seduce a girl and you lead her step by step to you ultimate goal she will automatically be crazy about you, sexual chemistry is very easy to achieve and very fast to learn.

There are currently a lot of men around the world that feel kind of powerless when it comes to seduction techniques. It is time for you to get out of this group of men.

The Automatic Sexual Chemistry Program will give you power, you will feel unbeatable because you will have the proper tools in your hands. The six steps are very easy to follow and very easy to remember and implement. You will be finally able to conquer all the women you like.

Steps You Will Find In Automatic Sexual Chemistry

Here is a brief summary of all the steps contained in this excellent seduction guide:

  • How To Control Your Anxiety

I mean, come on, feeling anxious is pretty common, even for those experienced seducers. But y you must learn to control anxiety. Relax. Remove doubts from your head. You will learn how to start a conversation with any women in any place.

All this anxiety is normal and it is strictly connected to your brain. You will learn how to reconnect a few wires in your head that will make you understand that anxiety is ok, but it should not be playing part between you and your woman, and you are the only one who have the power to reduce this anxiety. It is simply a mind game.

  • How To Use Ice Breakers Properly And How To Use The Right Techniques

The Automatic Sexual Chemistry Program will provide you with proper ice breakers that will help you to start interesting conversations with attractive women on the street, at a coffee shop, at a bar, or wherever you want. There are also tips aiming to teach you how to move on to different topics so that you will end up talking in a natural way. She will have no clue you are trying to seduce her, so she will not try to stop you.

All she will think about during step 2 is how fun and interesting you are. She will want to know you better, she will actually desire to keep talking with you. Desire, that is the exact bottom to push.

  • How To Help Her To Feel Relax Around You

This is the most important step to follow. Most seductions guides forget about this step so seduction ends up ruined. If women do not feel comfortable around you, they will have fun temporarily, but they will want to leave. You have to avoid this. If they leave, it is over.

Women need to feel at ease when they are with a man, otherwise, they will not want to be seduced and will not let you go forward. You will find a lot of secrets in order to make women feel relax when they are talking with you. It is actually very simple, but it is highly important.

  • How To Attract Her

Making a woman feel attracted to you is quite different from what most men think. It is really simple. In this step of Automatic Sexual Chemistry, you will find all what is going on inside a woman’s mind. It is easier to make moves if you can read a few simple signals she will involuntarily give you.

  • How To Use Affinity and Qualification Techniques

Rapport is very important too. Here is when you finally make her feel connected with you, she will feel understood as if you belonged to the same team. By qualification I mean a series of methods that will help you to know if your seduction method is working and to see if you had a good impact on her. In this part you will win her total admiration.

  • Advance To The Next Level: Sexual Intensification

This is a problem to most men. Remember to always control your anxiety, there is always a right time to follow your instincts. Sexually intensification needs to be subtly. You have to move on, but you cannot be afraid.

By reading step 6 of Automatic Sexual Chemistry, you will be able to move forward and intensify her sexual desire in such a subtle way that she will not even notice.

You will know how to convince her brain you two have a strong sexual connection, so conversation will turn into sex topics, and gradually into opening up and having sex. You will have the power to make disappear all taboos that impede woman to feel free about their desires.


This program also offers a lot of bonuses, such as:

  • The main guide with more than 6 hours of video training.
  • From Friends To Having A Relationship Bonus.
  • The Boyfriend Killer Bonus.
  • Secrets Of Body Language Bonus.
  • Sexual Confidence Bonus.
  • Make Her Fall In Love With You Bonus.
  • Fast Sexual Intensification Bonus.
  • Conversation Master Bonus.
  • Seducing Difficult Women Bonus.
  • The Sex God Bonus.
  • Free access to the VIP area the secret Mastermind Club which is full of info and videos from seduction experts.


If you have trouble seducing women, you must know everything is in your mind. You have the power to change your luck, you only need to learn a few basic techniques to get what you want. By following a few simple steps, you will conquer any woman’s heart and make her feel absolutely attracted to you. You finally have the opportunity to know all the seduction secrets. If you want to be a woman magnet, order Automatic Sexual Chemistry and begin to benefit from it right now!

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