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Doggy’s Dan Online Dog Training ReviewWho does not love dogs? They are loyal, cute, funny. They are adorably great. However, let’s be honest, they may have some trouble behaving. I always had dogs, always. And I always had some issues trying to make them adapt to my needs and situation. Every dog has its own personality, just like us, and sometimes it is really stressing to deal with them. It does not matter if you have a garden or not, it is not a matter of space, dogs are like adventurous little toddlers exploring everything all day. They are curious and innocent. I had this particular dog that no matter how hard I tried to teach him what was wrong and right for me, I could not control him. I tried everything people told me and I spent lots of hours reading articles about dog training. I applied everything but my dog kept misbehaving. I keep saying “do not eat that”, “stop barking”, “do not scratch it” in different ways, but nothing worked. I even thought he completely understood me but that he just did not care, you know? I was starting to give up, but his behavior was getting worse and worse so I had to do something. You can picture the image I got every time I came back home, I was even scared to enter to my house. With time, he even got to dominate and bully my other dogs. I took him to the vet and he told me he had anxiety issues and gave me medication, but I did not want to dope him, I only wanted him to obey me so I figured out that I was the one doing something wrong and once again I began my search. I found Doggy’s Dan Online Dog Training and I decided to give it a try, what was there to lose? I already had tried everything and it was an online program so I did not even had to go outside. Now, I am here to share my experience and the positive results this product has to offer.

General Overview

Doggy’s Dan Online Dog Training is the perfect solution for anyone that is experiencing issues with the behavior of his dog. This guide will help you to have a well behave dog. You will actually manage to behave your dog and turn it into an obedient dog. Your dog will respect you, obey you and love you. You have the chance to take control of the situation to improve your quality of life b improving the relationship with your dog. No more stressful situation with neighbors and guests. No more being uneasy when you are not home. It is up to you to change your current situation, so you have to decide smartly the proper way to do it because as time goes by, the situation just gets worse. I am telling you this because I have been there too but I manage to take control thanks to advises I found in Doggy’s Dan Online Dog Training. You will find a very attractive, encouraging and interesting method to make any dog behave. When you download it, it sends you a login information automatically. You can access to the site right away. It will take you a while to navigate through the whole website because there is a lot of information, but I would recommend you to do what I dis which was to start seeing the welcome video and then explore his 5 Golden Rules for Pack Leadership. Then the program itself will gradually guide you through until you find what you need. It is pretty much interactive and user friendly, it can be used by anyone regardless of age or dog experience, because the information, links and videos of the site is pretty much well organized. In Section one for example, you will find how to become the leader of your pack, which is essential to make your dog respect you and obey you. Then, you can look for more specific issues with success guaranteed.

Product Details

The author of this program is Dan, an expert training dogs who created a full comprehensive online program based on the techniques of proper behavior of dogs.  You will get free full access to more than 120 videos in which he explains and solves every different kind of situation you may be possible dealing with regarding the behavior of your dog. You will also get aces to plenty of links and very helpful information. Below you will find specified information about what you are going to find in the different categories of Doggy’s Dan Online Dog Training.

Section 1: Become a Pack Leader

This will actually be the hardest part of the program, because if you successfully manage to be the leader, all the following steps will be easier. You need your dog paying attention to you, if he does not, he thinks he is the dealer, and that is the exact attitude you have to revert. In this section you will learn how to become the alpha dog, to be a good leader. You will gradually change the way your dog answers your commands seeing positive results from the very first day of use. You will learn how to control its instincts, to be able to walk it calmly, selective hearing, proper feeding, and the 5 golden rules.

Section 2: Train Your Puppy

This section is specialized designed for people owning puppies showing signs of bad behavior. Here you will learn a lot about the stages of its development and how to help to grow properly. You will learn what to do and what to avoid. You will also be learning how to train it to go to the potty, how to avoid your puppy from jumping up on people, how to teach it to sleep in its bed, use a leash, socialize him and much more.

Section 3: Learn about Behavior Problems

Dogs can have a bad day too. So you must take this whole training easy. This section is full of informative videos covering all existing problems regarding the behavior of a dog. You will learn to understand your dog and how to approach it. You will get to learn how to make it stop barking when it feels stress without losing its guard abilities, how to change the behavior of an old dog that became potty, how to train aggressive dogs, how to manage anxiety of separation hours, how to teach it new tricks and why you never have to shout at it.

Section 4: Understand Your Dog

Every dog is unique and every dog has its need. A dog will be your friend forever, but mutual understanding is requires for things to work. In this section you will learn basic commands, creation of rewards and trust relationship, basic understanding of dog’s psychology and energy cycles and much more.


  • Only Online Dog Training designed by an expert
  • Plenty of videos, no tiresome reading!
  • Very user friendly, you will easily find everything you need.
  • It covers every existing topic about dogs
  • Instant access
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • It is very easy to understand and apply and it covers pretty much everything. However, results may vary depending on the dog.
  • The program requires real commitment. You need to follow strictly in order to see results, it is not a magical program, some effort is needed to achieve the results you expect.
  • These methods are quite different from conventional training. It does not involve shouting nor punishments, it involves psychology and understanding. For most people this a real advantage, but there is people not used to unconventional training.
  • It is an online training program, this is great because you will have instant access to it. However, people who is not very friendly with technology or who have an unreliable internet connection will not get full benefits out of it.


This is the most comprehensive dog training programs I have ever used, honestly. Every question I had was answered and it really helped to solve my particular issues. I could not be more grateful to Doggy’s Dan Online Dog Training. This is great for people having a dog or a puppy for the first time or for people with an old dog who is getting grumpy, anyone can use it, everything is covered. Everything is explained through videos, which makes this program very interactive and enjoyable. The learning experience is just great and Dan is a very encouraging person, who happens to be an expert in training and behavior of dogs, so the knowledge you will be getting is priceless. Do not wait another minute, this is a decision you will

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