Fat Burning Kitchen Review

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Fat Burning Kitchen Review

It is common knowledge that to start up a diet you need to change your regular diet and this generally means that you have to start to eat more healthily. The problem is that most of this healthy food is just labeled as healthy but they are not healthy at all. Fat Burning Kitchen is a program that provides a diet plan explaining the process of weight loss and how to achieve it, slightly changing your diet to get results faster and for a longer period of time.


Mike Greary, nutritional specialist and personal trainer, developed this weight loss program. Fat Burning Kitchen will not only help you to consume fewer calories, it provides very useful information about the food you consume and how they affect your weight.

The Fat Burning Kitchen program aims to inform you about the food that helps you to burn the fat accumulated in your body. Also, you will learn about food that gives more energy but fewer calories, and in a few days, you will notice the elimination of fat. After the first week, eating the proper food to burn calories will be much easier.

Fat Burning Kitchen consists of two different parts. In the first part of this program you will learn all about false healthy food. Once you locate this dangerous food, you will be able to get rid of it. Part one is consists of 10 chapters explaining specific food that tend to mislead people. This is the food you will have to avoid to stop storing fat and start to burn it. This is the food that makes losing weight so difficult.

There is even food that may increase risks of having cancer, internal inflammation and heart diseases just to name a few. So if what you want is to be fit and healthy, you will not have second doubts when getting rid of this kind of food.

The second part of the program explains the food you should consume in order to burn body fat faster and to be provided of full nutrients that your body needs to eliminate fat keeping you healthy and with energy. In fact, you will also learn about the necessities of your body and how to take care of it in the healthiest and cleanest way. Part two consists of 31 enriching chapters, all of very explanatory and easy to follow.

There is also a bonus section with the very own author’s example. He explains how fat in his body was reduced from 10.2% to 6.9% in only 23 days by following his program. It was solely based on nutritional facts; he mainly focused on food that helps the fat-melting process.

How does the program work?

The truth behind most healthy food that people consume on a diet is that it contains additives that will produce hormonal imbalances in people; it does not matter if you are a man or a woman. When this happens, you begin to store fat instead of burning it. This is the reason why so many people around the world that eats healthy food as fresh juices, whole grain breads and soy milk gain weight when they are on a diet.

Forget about calorie counting, the program in this EBook will teach you everything you need to know to differentiate about real healthy food and half food in order to burn calories faster and without efforts. No difficult exercise involved, you just have to give your body the nutrients it needs.

Another key factor of this program is that it also teaches the main differences between fruits and vegetables and all the different proteins in food, in this way, you can develop a tasty diet that suits your taste best, so eating healthy to lose weight will not be frustrating at all. You will not only see changes in the way your body looks, but also in your energy and sleep, and this will only happen getting rid of that false healthy food that is in your kitchen.


Very simple to read and do. Most of these kinds of programs do not go straight to the point when it comes to explanations, but Fat Burning Kitchen is very easy to follow. The author explains step-by-step food you need consuming and food you do not.

The main advantage is that this EBook exposes the false healthy foods so you will be able to choose your meals in a wiser way for life. All products labeled as non-fat, low-fat, low carb, among others are processed products. This altered food is the main cause of weight problems. So when you are done with this program you will be able to understand how they are processed and how this affects your body.

There are actually two Authors: Mike Greary & Catherine Ebeling. As we said before, the former is a personal trainer and famous nutritionist, he also founded Truth About Abs, the latter, is a certified nutritionist as well. They have joined in order to create the most complete diet program, with valuable and simple explanations.

Fat Burning Kitchen provides easy tips to have a healthy and a fit body. It might be hard at first, but after a few days you will realize that cravings for certain kind of food will be over.

Another great advantage is that this program includes video lessons, so if you are not the reading kind of person, there are video lessons that make this program much more interactive than other ones.


At some point, while reading the EBook you will find it a bit scientific. These parts are very important to read because is where everything is explained. It is not a book to read fast, you will have to take your time and make an effort to understand.

This program will also require you to make changes in your diet, so before purchasing it make sure you are ready to change a bit your lifestyle.


After reading Fat Burning Kitchen you will be shocked and most importantly, you will be able to make wise eating decisions.

So if you are having trouble losing weight although you are currently on a diet, consider this program. It is not only about the look of your body, you will notice a lot of positive changes. If you want to be healthy, this is just the EBook you need.

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