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Forward Head Posture Fix ReviewHaving a poor posture is not only an unaesthetic matter, it is proven to cause dangerous problems to your overall health too. Texting neck is a very common condition, so common nobody moves a finger to fix it. It is common among people who spend all day working at their computers, but even healthy athletes have to deal with it too. Most people do not even realize the serious consequences of not trying to correct their posture, consequences that I will reveal to you later on. We think that there is nothing we can do, that the posture of our neck is due using computers and cellphones all the time. And even if you try to do something, most treatments are based only on static exercise routines that only relieve the forward head posture for a couple of hours. Forward Head Posture Fix is different, it is much more powerful and effective because it involves a complete series of sequential exercise that can be performed by anyone regardless gender or age. It has the right answer for you because it is the only posture system that has been able to identify the whole root of the problem to eliminate it forever. Forget about your texting neck, and all the conditions related to it. You will finally be able to sleep and breathe better by only correcting your posture through 10 simple exercises that can be performed from the comfort of your home, devoting only 15 minutes of your time per day.

General Overview

With Forward Head Posture Fix you will be able to enjoy a powerful looking chest, to look younger and even slimmer. Your neck is supposed to keep your column and head aligned, it supports your skull so you can remain perfectly vertical.  Your ears, shoulders and hips must be all in line down to the floor. By pulling your head forward, unconsciously and almost permanently, the whole weight of your head will directly cause intense pressure in your spine resulting in serious tissue damage. Not to mention the horrible hump that slowly starts to develop below your neck. The author of Forward Head Posture Fix is Coach Mike Westerdal, a best seller fitness author who designed it thanks to the collaboration of Rick Kaselj, a leading kinesiologist. The purpose of this easy to follow guide is to eliminate the texting neck that is damaging your health by following 10 simple movements. Thanks to this manual, you will get rid of the constant fatigue, neck pains, join damage, headaches, insomnia, arthritis, noisy breathing, spine degeneration, asthma, dizziness and much more related conditions, in short, you will dramatically increase your quality of life.

Product Details

Forward Head Posture Fix is different from any other similar programs because it focuses on the most vital muscle along your neck: the sternocleidomastoid. By keeping it strong, your head will be perfectly aligned with your spine. Keeping it strong will eradicate the Forward Head Posture giving you plenty of benefits, like having a greater lung capacity, achieving peak performance, sleeping better, appearing 2 inches taller and 10 lbs. thinner a, being more focused, protecting your spine and much more! This is the key muscle that will improve you postural health. The main cause of posture imbalance is sitting, but as I said before, even healthy athletes may suffer from this condition too that if left untreated may cause permanent damage to your neck, declining your energy levels and confidence, killing the quality of your sleep resulting of lack of oxygen and decreasing the strength of your muscles. As you may already know, static stretching is important but it is not the solution, you may only get temporary relief. To eliminate this condition, a combination of corrective movements is needed, and yet, it is not only about that, the order is the key to success. You need to train your muscles from different directions. The exercise include:

  • Muscle drills: These exercises will allow natural re-alignment of spine, neck and head.
  • Breathing techniques: Deep and proper breathing will release all tension from your neck.
  • Mobility Exercises: They will unlock the joints of your spine to repair damage
  • Deep Cervical Training: These exercises will retrain the flexors restoring your balance
  • Self-massages: These therapeutic massages will loosen up all the muscles round your neck.
  • Static Stretching: This will allow you to lengthen and elongate shortened muscles.
  • Postural Stretching: It will gradually correct for good your poor posture habits.

There are two ways you can order Forward Head Posture Fix, you can order only the PDF guide plus the videos, or you can get instant access to the videos and PDF book online plus, receiving the printed guide plus the dvd videos. In the videos you will see Rick himself demonstrating the sequential flow of the exercises. Every video has three sections. The first section will explain the benefits of the exercise, how to do it and how you should fee. The second part is a follow along tutorial and the third part includes regressions and progressions depending on your need. The PDF guide goes deeper into the causes, is kind of informative for curious minds.


  • 60 days guarantee
  • It offers printed version
  • Very informative and interactive
  • Effective, supported by plenty of positive testimonials
  • Very well organized and easy to follow


  • If you had a diagnose ailment or recently had neck surgery, you should probably consult your personal physician before performing the exercises.
  • Results vary depending on the level of your condition, however, they are proven to work.



15 minutes a day is all you need to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy posture. It is very flexible so you can perform the exercises at any time of the day from the privacy and comfort of your home. You do not need any extra special equipment and it is very interactive and easy to follow. I think it is more than worth a try, even if you do not completely like it, there are no financial risk involved because you can totally rely on the 60 money back guarantee policy. Do not waste another minute and improve your quality of life today! Order Forward Head Posture Fix right away!

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