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My Coffee Shop Millionaire ReviewMy Coffee Shop Millionaire is a product that has been on the market for a couple of years now and remains available because of its continued help to a lot of people from around the world. There are always people interesting in buying this product, so My Coffee Shop Millionaire deserves an updated review.

It is directed to people willing to make some money from the comfort of their homes using their computer as the main tool. You will be able to make real money online by following this very simple but complete course. My Coffee Shop Millionaire will completely change the way you used to live.

General Overview

My Coffee Shop Millionaire is an online course that was designed and written by Anthony Trister in order to help people from the entire world to take advantage from the benefits offered by the internet.

There are plenty of similar products in the same format, but what makes My Coffee Shop Millionaire different from others is its attractive price.

You will be able to buy it for only $37. But wait, the price is catchy but it is actually kind of tricky. In the moment you buy it you will be offered an upsell for $297. It is another program called The Six Figure Success Club that is virtually connected to My Coffee Shop Millionaire.

You do not have to buy it though as it is totally optional, but still, chances of succeeding go higher with all of this information combined. So do not be surprised if you end up paying $334.

You will obviously have to think about it. It is actually a very large amount of money to spend in a training course, the information you will find in My Coffee Shop Millionaire is really valuable, but buying it implies an important financial commitment.

And there is more. While reading both programs you will realize that there are still further costs. In order to apply every step of the program, you will need to purchase your own hosting and domain name.

So in total, you have to spend approximately $400. Price is important and it is far from the original figure, so have the total amount in mind when making your final decision.

Product Details

My Coffee Shop Millionaire consists of 12 different modules. All of them with a lot of valuable information in order to train people interested in internet marketing. It also comes with several bonuses as videos, communities and forums.

The company claims to have found the only shortcut to make millions of dollars in only a couple of weeks, and all the information collected by Anthony Trister is organized in the format of an interactive guide so it is very user friendly.

It also covers video marketing, email marketing and article marketing. This kind of information is very confusing though, when I have read it, I got the feeling that it only mentioned the basics.


All the information you will find in My Coffee Shop Millionaire is valid. I mean, you can use all this information to make money online, but I am not sure if you will become a millionaire. There a couple of details that are missing, so you will probably end up doing so researches on your own.

Support for customers is almost null. A lot of costumers complain about not getting answers at all and almost all of them go directly to Clickbank to get their refunds. There have also been claims of additional charges per month. With all of this information in your mind, I suggest you to really think how you want your money to be spent. As I said before, information is valid but you will have to deal with several additional charges. The choice is totally yours. You know your economic stability, so make a smart decision.

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