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Seductions Mindhacks Live ReviewHave you notice how internet has been recently flooded with articles with seduction tips? Some of them are really interesting but what I noticed is that they are all basically the same. Today, I want to talk you about a new program: Seductions Mindhacks Live. It is completely different from anything out there. Most seduction guides will tell you what to say to a girl and how to approach to her in order to seduce her. Seductions Mindhacks Live is totally revolutionary. This program is based in footages from a HD hidden camera of high quality so you can actually see seducers in action. These two guys can take women home in less than five minutes.

You will learn a lot of tips and advices to get any woman you want and to get her to virtually do what you want. You do not have to be nice or romantic, there is no necessity of giving her flowers, times have changed. I know it might sound crazy, but this product has been tested by millions of males and it works. So if you are having trouble seducing girls, this program is definitely for you.

Seductions Mindhacks will help you to develop your own tools and techniques in order to take any girl you want home. You will get the best information to build up you game. Knowledge of certain things is all you need to win.

Why is Seductions Mindhacks different?

As I said before, most seduction manuals show you seducing skills. The method is slow so it will take you weeks to accomplish your goals. Seductions Mindhacks is not about romanticism at all. You will get instant results, and results prove that this systems works. Besides, it is very interactive, you will not only get to see two men talking and talking, they actually go out and pick up random women live!

Real and Live Footage

You will get to see Josh and John (the two main developers of Seductions Mindhacks) in real live footage. In this way they will show you exactly what to do. They choose two hot young women to seduce, and then you will see that they both take them home. Very impressive, uh? Well, let me tell you another impressive thing. It is absolutely not about the looks. As you will see, the two minds of this program are nothing but regular looking guys, so chances are high.

It was not easy for them either. They both were completely failures seducing women a couple of years ago. They eventually got tired of this situation and started to investigate techniques and modus operandi of several seduction experts around the world. They tried everything and in the last year, Josh has picked up more than 200 women and John around 180.

Today they both reunited everything they have learnt and now they run Efficient Pickup, a company that conducts seminars revealing seduction techniques. The fee of the seminars is expensive, between $2000 and $15000. However, they decided to make this information available in a more economical way, so you can find it online for a small fee.

What is there to learn using Seductions Mindhacks Live?

Seductions Mindhacks Live will help you to learn all the existing techniques to avoid that the female instinct uses any means of escape. Women have both, rational and emotional brain.  The rational brain is more attracted to successful and good looking men, it will tell them “You could do better, do not waste your time with him”.

Emotional brain on the other hand, is more instinctive by nature. It will tell them “It is ok to have some fun”. Desire for sex also comes from emotional brain. So basically, having this in mind, the world is yours. You will also learn how to control her rational brain thinking, bypassing it and triggering desire to get physical in her emotional brain thinking. These techniques are highly effective and you can choose any woman you like, shy ones, prudish ones, you will have the power to turn every one of them into sexed nympho.

It does not matter if you have no money or no looks at all. It is far beyond that. It is based on influencing her emotions. By doing this, rational thinking will be blocked. Similar techniques are used every day in the sales area, but now they are applied to seduction and results are amazing!

By reading and applying Seductions Mindhacks Live, you will finally experience success. They had to make a lot of mistakes in order to create this very easy to assimilate method, they have spent around 5 years learning from the top seducers and now they have released a reliable product that is here for you. It contains all the information necessary to enter to a woman’s mind.

Why is it different from other seduction guides?

Have you tried other guides? They are generally very hard to follow, they will give you a lot of steps that you will not even remember in front of a girl. Seductions Mindhacks Live talks about gaining confidence and making a change. Besides that, it shows you how to understand every signal. You will be able to manipulate her thoughts. Picking up girls should not be complicates at all, it is all about having fun!

The “Secret Formula”

When purchasing Seductions Mindhacks Live you will be able to access to the excellent “secret formula” area.

When getting into her mind in order to make her do everything you want, it is extremely important to use the right tools.

Seductions Mindhacks Live will provide you with a secret formula that will lead you to be a seduction master. It works with all women; religion and race have nothing to do with it. With this formula, you will become a woman magnet. It works for every man too, you do not have to be mature in order to pick up girls!

If you have trouble picking up girls, you should try this very interesting system. All the techniques used were proven and you actually get to see them used. Women defense will go down so that you can get straight to them, you will learn to control her thoughts about you.

You will find everything you need to know to seduce women in Seductions Mindhacks Live. This tactics will help you to win the game, you will feel so powerful nothing will stop you.


  • You will get to see more than 200 hours of videos to learn all the seducing techniques.
  • You will get extra bonuses.
  • All the techniques are very simply explained.
  • You can access to the videos online. You do not need to be at your house to watch them.
  • You will get a 60 days guarantee.
  • You will also get bonus videos every now and then.


  • You have to take action. Efforts are required to obtain results.
  • Maybe results are not that instant at first, but once you understand the techniques results will be instant and lasting.


This system will help you to get any woman you want. Techniques were proven, and results are satisfying. You will lose nothing just by trying, and if it does not work for you, you can ask for a full refund within 60 days after purchase. Get access to what you want now and forever!

Seductions Mindhacks Live Now! It’s 100% risk-free for 60 Days! Click the button below:



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