Spy Escape and Evasion Program Review

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Spy Escape and Evasion Program ReviewWe all live our lives fully every day, but have you ever wonder what would happen if you suddenly are in a risky situation? Do you have tools to survive a catastrophe? If you are aware of the current state of crisis in which the world is, I am sure you would like to learn a couple of techniques in order to survive this chaos we are all immersed in. We are constantly under numerous kinds of threats, so the smartest thing to do is to be well informed of all the possible ways to survive.

The Spy Escape and Evasion Program was created by Mr. Jason Hanson, who was a former CIA operative. This guide is directed to ordinary individuals and it has an excellent reputation in the market. In this guide you will be able to find survival strategies and helpful training that will completely guarantee your safety. Besides, it includes a lot of escape strategies to be used in different scenarios. Below you will find the full review of the Spy Escape and Evasion Program.

The Program

By downloading this product you will get a step by step guide that aims to teach you all the necessary tools so you can escape chaos. You will be able to save your life and other people’s lives as well.

The Spy Escape and Evasion Program contains very useful information regarding the different existing methods that can be used to survive in case imminent danger knocks your door. Nobody is excluded from doom, do no not regret it in the future, be informed today.

Product Details

Below you will find some of the key techniques and skills you will master by reading The Spy Escape and Evasion Program.

  • How to detect lies without using a lie detector. You never know who could be your enemy.
  • Tricks to prove if someone has been deceitful. There is nothing worse than being deceived by someone you trusted.
  • How to get rid of zip ties, duct tapes, handcuffs, among others. There is no need of using knives, there is a way to do it in less than 60 seconds just by using your body.
  • How to be safe in taxis, hotels and airports. You will be like a machine able to detect chaos.
  • Several strategies to avoid becoming a victim in case of home invasion. There are a few simple things you should do to avoid traps.
  • How to escape in case of abduction. It is not about escape itself, you will learn how to get home safe without abductors notice.
  • Techniques used by the CIA and the FBI in order to decipher body language.
  • The best secret tricks about lock picking. This is extremely important to have access to all you may need without big efforts. You will have anything you want in only a few minutes.
  • Useful information in order to avoid being a victim of any kind of violence.
  • How to improvise a weapon. You never know in which scenario you will be found by doom, but you do not need to use your bare hands to escape. You can always improvise.
  • Easy techniques to disappear without leaving a single trace and how to design an escape kit with 23 items that must be included in it.

There a lot of other secrets included in The Spy Escape and Evasion Program. Jason Hanson designed this program to help anyone to survive anywhere in their everyday life.



According to the information obtained by the author himself, if he had to pay now for a training to be part of the highest rank of the CIA, it would approximately cost $75,000. We are talking about very valuable information, so it would be ok if he wanted to ask for the same amount of money.

However, his purpose was different. All he wanted when writing The Spy Escape and Evasion Program  was to share this information with the greatest possible amount of people, so now it is in the market for an absolutely fair price.

There are several survival programs in the market, but they are all from different approaches and they aim different things. This is a guide written by an experienced former CIA agent. Everything you need to know to survive different kind of circumstances is here.

Reliable author

Unlike so many survival programs, we know name and surname of its creator: Jason Hanson. He appeared in several TV shows and has all the necessary credentials which make this such a credible program.

His has a lot of experience in the survival and escape area, so why would you turn your face away from a product that aims to save your life?

Suitable For All

It is directed to people of all races, gender and religion. There is no need to be actually in danger in order to prepare yourself, you need to learn these techniques in order to prevent future disasters. If you feel you are not prepared to act before an emergency, The Spy Escape and Evasion Program  is perfect for you, you do not need any previous knowledge whatsoever.

60 days guarantee

And if all the above information is not enough for you, you have this 60 days guarantee to back this product up. So, if you feel that you are not satisfied with the information received, you can ask for your full refund. You have 60 days to test it, that is actually plenty of time.

Interactive Program

The explanations on this program are really simple to follow, but in case you feel at a loss, you can always watch the 30 videos that are available for members only.


Time consuming

It has a lot of information. A lot. So reading it thoroughly may take plenty of your time. If you like short pieces of information and you are not a formal reader, then this might not be the right option for you.

Online Product

It has plenty of information in the format of PFD, videos and audios but they are all online. This means that you need a decent internet service in order to fully enjoy the experience of learning from The Spy Escape and Evasion Program.

Suitable For All

This is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Think of all the wrongdoers that might be able to get information about improvised weapons or lock picking.  This is the kind of information you do not want everyone to know.


It is a very handy product which contains lots of valuable information. All the techniques are easy to follow and it is highly interactive. The author has vast knowledge and experience on the subject, so it is pretty much reliable. If you want to protect your life and the lives of everyone you love, you need to be prepared. The Spy Escape and Evasion Program offers you the proper tools to be prepared, you can benefit from this product right away! What are you waiting for?

Spy Escape and Evasion Program Now! It’s 100% risk-free for 60 Days! Click the button below:



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