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The Constipation Relief ProgramConstipation is one of the most embarrassing topics to talk about, let’s be honest, even people suffering from this terrible condition do not feel comfortable talking about the subject, so this lack of information makes it much worse because as time goes by, constipation may seriously damage not only your health but also your quality of life. Despite of the lack of information, constipation is a very common issue, 80% of Americans have dealt with it at least once in their lifetime and 40% suffer from chronic constipation, many of them without even realizing it. It affects women as much as men and children are not discriminated either, in fact, there are growing figures of children reporting to have chronic constipation too. Chronic constipation is when you do not get to do your thing at least 3 times in a week for several months. Some people live all their life under this poor frequency and consider this bowel movement normal until it is too late. Anxiety, stress and a poor dieting are common causes of this ailment, but genetics take part as well. This ailment does not only slow down your performance at work or any activity you may want to perform, if not treated, it may lead to serious consequences as surgery, as the author of this program experienced herself. If you are looking for a way to improve your quality of life from a natural approach, The Constipation Relief Program is exactly what you need. Read this The Constipation Relief Program and find out how it works!

General Overview

The Constipation Relief Program is a 100% natural method to treat mild to severe cases of chronic constipation. This program was created by Kiera Johnson after experiencing urgent medical attention as a consequence of the inability of her digestive system to complete the process. The truth is that she had been dealing with chronic constipation for years but she was not aware of it.  But she was already following a treatment before the crisis that sent her to the hospital. The treatments consisted of expensive medication she needed to take for life in order to avoid constipation, which were not only ineffective but were also very expensive. Thanks to constipation, Kiera was rushed to the hospital to undergone surgery due to a rupture intestine that caused her internal bleeding. The pressure, burning sensation, headaches of feeling were nothing compared to excruciating pain of a broken intestine. All of this was the result of internal blockage. Her treatment was changed, she experienced the word side effects of the new medication and after a year symptoms appeared again. The cramps and stomach pains were unbearable. She was so afraid she went to her doctor to impede something worse to happen. Her doctor prescribed another set of drugs and a strict diet which she followed, but at the same time she was looking for an alternative solution because she did not know how long this new treatment was going to be effective for her. Under these circumstances she met Ali Kantu, a local healer that helped her to try, test and design this step by step guide to revert constipation for good.

Product Details

There are in fact plenty of medical researches and studies that show that diet is very important to avoid constipation, and there are a lot of plenty food that claim to be healthy and are actually not “bowel friendly” at all. This means that by simply avoiding a few harmful food and by adding easy to get food to your daily diet, you will not only get to protect and cleanse your digestive system but you will also improve your whole quality of life, because you will indeed see improvements in every aspect of your life. The Constipation Relief Program will help you to feel better and to avoid painful cramps and even visits to the hospital. Many of the foods you will find on the list contain a huge amount of important minerals that will help you to digest food easily. Among these minerals you will find Magnesium, which will help you to regulate the water levels inside your intestine; Potassium, which in combination with Magnesium prevents your body from becoming dehydrated and Selenium, which will help you to keep stable the levels of glutathione (stomach antioxidant). In fact, Selenium is very important and scientific researchers also show that most people suffering from chronic constipation also reports a selenium deficiency. The Constipation Relief Program can be followed by anyone because it is divided into well-organized sections (10 in total) with detailed information, tricks and techniques and even amounts. Below you will find a sneak preview of some of them:

The Importance of Healthy Digestion: Here you will find information about your digestive system, macronutrients you can add to your diet to help your body to process food more easily, common myths and much more.

Understanding Constipation: In this section you will learn about the real causes behind constipation so you can then tailor The Constipation Relief Program to your personal situation.

Constipation Treatments: Here you will discover how common incorrect diagnosis s and treatments are and what to do to recognize your symptoms and look for and instant solution.

Natural Healing And Constipation: In this chapter you will learn what food to avoid, micronutrients and remedies.

And there is much more, line an included day by day plan you can easily follow to treat your constipation, tricks to maximize results and an ingredients list.


  • It is very straightforward, no guesswork involved
  • Scientifically supported and proven methods
  • Instructions and techniques are very clearly explained
  • It includes a 60 day guarantee policy


  • Results may vary, it depends on your personal situation. It may take you a week or a month
  • It comes in a digital program, not that great if you are not a technology friendly person


You will be amazed by the results delivered by The Constipation Relief Program. You will not find any other product as reliable and supported as this one. You can finally forget about those humiliating and painful experiences, you can finally improve your quality of life. Download The Constipation Relief Program now! You will never regret results!

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