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The Ejaculation Switch ReviewOne of the most common sexual problems for men around the world is premature ejaculation. It is not only a problem for men though, it affects partners too because they will not be able to have orgasms. Not being able to control ejaculation can be really stressing and embarrassing.

If you have experienced premature ejaculation, you know how frustrating it is. However, you should know that this is not a permanent condition. There are a lot of factors that take part when ejaculation occurs and with a bit of information you will have the power to avert this situation using a couple of techniques that you can find in The Ejaculation Switch.

General overview

The Ejaculation Switch is a very easy to follow guide where you will find information and techniques in order to last longer when you are having sex. It will help you to take it easy, as your mind is very important to stop this condition. You are not the only one, it is the most common male sex problem and it is not permanent, so stop feeling bad about yourself.

This guide was developed by Bob Johnson, a sex expert who made several researches on this particular issue. With all of this information he developed certain techniques that will help you to last up to 15 minutes more in bed. The author spent more than 6 months experimenting and investigating and decided to make his information public so men around the world can finally reduce premature ejaculation.

This condition is likely to get worst over time if not treated, and men of advanced age are more prone to suffer it. You will learn all the secrets to take control of premature ejaculation finally enjoying intercourse again.

Product Details

In The Ejaculation Switch you will find a guide full of advises and techniques that will help you to reduce significantly premature ejaculation. You will also get information of why men suffer from this condition and factors that may alter ejaculation.

For example, this guide explains how we all were made by Mother Nature. Men and woman are of course different and it is ok. In bed, men are meant to be runners, but not long track runners. Men become really vulnerable during sex, and in the past it was really inconvenient as they were exposed to all kind of risks, including predators, so that is why male are more conformable to mate quickly. Evolution has changed this, but it is still part of men essence.

This EBook also explains how The Ejaculation Switch exactly acts and how to use it better for your own benefits. After a lot of investigation, the author found that this switch was designed by nature to be way out of reach. However, if you are aware of this switch and you take action you will be able to access to it thus lasting more in bed. You will have the necessary tools and information to reach your ejaculation switch thus enjoying longer sexual performances.

The whole purpose of The Ejaculation Switch is to teach you how to gain control over your caveman urge of ejaculating even before you are fully satisfied. You will get to know some of the most influencing techniques over your mind of body that will help you to prove your real abilities in bed. Techniques are very easy to apply and if you are constant you will notice good results in less than a week.

By purchasing The Ejaculation Switch, you will be able to master the following techniques and more:

  • Mindset Shift: It is a technique commonly used by sex therapists so that you take control of premature ejaculation.
  • Past Blaster: This technique will help you to get rid of previous negative sex experiences that may be one of the causes why you are having this condition.
  • Deep Fear Buster: It is a technique taught so you lose the fear of ejaculating to soon, you will gain confidence so you can stop your current condition and avoid this condition in the future.
  • Besides, you will get full information on what is premature ejaculation and why it should be seen only as a warning of other serious medical conditions.
  • You will also get to know what things you should avoid to do when suffering from premature ejaculation.
  • Ejaculation Switch will explain you for popular myths about premature ejaculation, why they are myths and how they can worsen your current situation.
  • The Ejaculation Switch will also explain you the four main causes that result in premature ejaculation. After reading them, you will know more about your condition and you will also understand why these techniques work.
  • The amazing and unique reset switch technique is included in this guide. You will have the power to decide when to finish your performance.
  • You will also find five additional techniques that will help you to command your own body and delay ejaculation.
  • And there is more. The Switch Ejaculation guide also includes four proven techniques that will help you to desensitize your penis in a natural way so that you can last longer while you are having sex.

Besides a wide number of techniques, by purchasing The Ejaculation Switch you will get four great bonuses:

  • Make Her Climax
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Guide with 50 Foods For A Harder Erection
  • Anxiety Destroyer


  • Simple and effective techniques in order to learn to control your timing.
  • It is really easy to master these techniques, you will see results in very little time.
  • Everyone suffering from premature ejaculation will benefit from Ejaculation Switch.
  • It is really inexpensive. Most similar products may cost you double.
  • Techniques involved in this program are totally normal. You will not find pills, creams or weird techniques such us to stop yourself voluntarily or to think about things not related to sex.
  • It is completely natural so there are no side effects.
  • You will get four bonuses.
  • You will also get a Triple Money Guarantee!


The only disadvantage that I could find in using The Ejaculation Switch is that maybe it might take you some time to fully incorporate these techniques in your daily life, but that is something that mainly depends on your personality and time.


If you want to enjoy intercourse using completely natural methods, then The Ejaculation Switch is the product for you. There are no side effects and no extra expenses. Are you ready to become the lover women dream about? Download it now! And if you do not like it, remember you can triple the amount you have paid if you ask for a refund!

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