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The Flight System ReviewIf you are looking for an effective and proven way to master your vertical jump skills, you must read this The Flight System Review. One of the most complicated techniques to master when playing basketball is vertical jump, because you need to coordinate and master several skills in order to achieve it, and even though you may jump high, it is never high enough if you do not stand out from the team and make your team shine. Coordination, speed, reflexes, high jump, ball mobility, all these skills are required to be a decent basketball player, but if you want to become a professional player, you have to go beyond, you have to do what the rest of the players are not doing, you have to look for a way to get noticed no matter what. Most famous basketball player managed to master vertical jump increasing their jump potential to their limits. Vertical jump is the key if you want to get full access to enjoy the spoils basketball can offer you. Are you working your full potential? You may be trying hard but that does not mean you are trying the right way. The Flight System delivers proven effective results within weeks and it is full of useful techniques that will help you to reach your maximum potential increasing your vertical jump several inches. Thousands of people have already tried this basketball training program increasing their jump up to 18 inches and they are all satisfied with the results delivered.

General Overview

The Flight System was created by Chris Barnard and he will lead you all the way through developing an elite vertical jump using your full potential, you will be guided by a professional trainer using proven techniques. Anyone can follow this training method because it is very safe, no matter your age, gender, weight or level of experience, anyone can improve their vertical jump following these safe and complete techniques because everyone has the power to develop massive vertical jumps, you just need the right instructions and the right sequence order. The results of The Flight System will be delivered gradually and it requires hard work and consistence, your progress will be a reflection of your will. The truth is that there is a muscular block that is impeding you to perform your vertical jump at its fullest. It is a protective mechanism called GTO (Golgi Tendon Organs) which sets off an inhibitory process every time they sense muscular tension forcing your muscle to relax. The key in vertical jump is reducing the effect of GTO receptors without being injured and that is exactly what The Flight System is offering you. You will find the perfect way to train so you can decrease the effect of GTO on your muscles and once you can accomplish it you can follow fundamental steps to add inches to your vertical jump. It is never too late to try and all the techniques you qill find here are safe because they are all scientifically supported.

Product Details

Now that you know about your Golgi Tendon Organs, you know how they work and what you have to do, I am going to tell you a little bit more about the additional steps.

Step 1: You have to increase your stretch reflex. This happens when muscles contract while being stretching. When sensing injury, there is also a mechanism that contracts muscles when they are being stretched. Stretch Reflex is the combination of a series of exercises to decrease GTO effect with a series of routines to maximize excitement of muscle spindles.

Step 2: You have to increase the Stretch shortening cycle. When you are lengthening a muscle, you create an elastic energy. You have to develop a sequence to lengthen, build up and releasing energy in your muscles to achieve a massive vertical jump.

Step 3: You have to increase your motor unit recruitment. This must sound complex but it is very simple. You have groups of motor units working together coordinating contractions of a particular muscle. MUR is a way you can measure the quantity of motor neurons activated in a single muscle thus measuring the quantity of muscle fiber activated. More recruitment means more contraction and you can achieve explosive power by taking your time strengthening muscles ate their isometric phase.

Step 4: You have to speed up your rate of force development which is directly connected with how fast you can manage to regenerate muscular force. It has to do with how quickly your muscle fibers are activated to perform movements. These routines will teach you to generate force quickly.

This is the theory of the program, but the practice gets better. This is important information you need so you can know why you are doing certain routines and how they will help you. You will learn how to focus on improving your weak spots, how to structure your training to get maximum results and how to avoid mistakes that suppresses your chances to jump higher. You will also find tricks, techniques, and plyometric exercises. I secret 5 minutes tip you can do before playing, activation drills, reactive ability mechanisms, synchronization of your kinetic chain and much more!


  • Straight-forward program
  • Informative and interactive
  • Scientifically supported
  • Proven and effective results
  • It includes videos and a 60 days guarantee


  • You need to strictly follow The Flight System to see results, it is not for lazy people
  • Hard work and consistence are required, it is not a magical training program.
  • You can access to it online, no hard copy will be shipped to your home.


By following the 4 steps of this program and by taking the brakes off the GTO you will be able to master an elite vertical jump within weeks. You have the power to play at your highest level, you only need professional guidance and right instructions. Earn the respect you deserve with The Flight System. Do not waste another minute and download it now. Time waits for no man. There is nothing to lose. With the extended 60 day guarantee you have plenty of time to give it a try. Stand out from your team and become the man all the girls want, order The Flight System right now!

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