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Lotto Crusher ReviewWho has not dreamt about winning the lottery and distributed invisible money before even playing? The truth is that the odds play an important role in lottery and there are actually slim chances to win. Lotto companies are aware of this so they insist players to play more tempting them with increasing rewards. Recently, a group of software developers have designed apps with algorithms to increase odds of winning. All this system was designed using exclusively mathematical calculations. One of the most popular gaming software is the Lotto Crusher. Check this review to get more info about it!

General Overview

Math is everywhere, and lottery obeys the law of mathematics too and this is why this software is so popular among lotto enthusiasts. The Lotto Crusher designers used complex mathematical calculations in order to help more people to win the lottery. How does it work? This system searches in its database and comes to conclusions that include state and country. In short, Lotto Crusher will predict winning, turning odds on your side. All the information in its database is continually updated, stored and analyzed every short periods of time.

Details of the Product

The Lotto Crusher software was developed by Everett Thompson, a gaming specialist. It works perfectly in the major areas, such as the five and six ball and also the seven ball. There are a wide number of probability calculators in this system that aim to increase all chances of winning; it does not matter if it is a non-betted or an abbeted prediction. Using this system is very simple, you only have to enter your own statistics in all the required fields and then the software will generate a list of numbers according to the results of its calculations. It is not only a program that you can use to predict winning numbers, Lotto crusher will also teach you predictive patterns so as to feed correct figures so that odds can be calculated more accurately. You will also find exclusive tips. It is a program designed to increase chances of winning using mere statistics.

All you need to do to use this system is to fill a registration account form with your general personal information. You can choose the price according to the package you want to use. There are two current applications, one for your mobile and one for your desktop computer. Both work just great, but the desktop version contains more functionalities than the other one. It includes a 60-days guarantee.


Easy to use

The simplicity of its surface is perfect. You do not need to have any previous knowledge. Once you fill in your own statistics, you will be shown a graphic with statistical information in a really easy to read format. Most users are delighted by the easy way it works while other programs just show endless blocks of numbers that are very hard to understand.

Wide variety of information

This program is loaded with a lot of data from the entire world, so people all around the world are able to use it. This is one of the reasons why Lotto Crusher gained so much popularity in just a few weeks.


The whole calculation system is what makes Lotto Crusher so reliable. You enter figures and the system calculates everything for you. Most of other lottery prediction systems are only manual, meaning that they only can share a few tips.

Customer service

It has several support platforms in order to help customers if they find themselves stuck when using this system. You will be able to contact a representative if you need any kind of help to make the experience of winning much easier.

Affordable price

This system is in the market for a very fair price compared to other systems regarding gaming applications. Besides, there is a full 60- day guarantee, so in case you are not completely satisfied with the results you can ask for a full refund. It is a very smart strategy because you have the security that your money will be restored in case you do not like results.


Everett Thompson, the author, has a solid reputation in the gaming industry. Developers also have experience in the lottery business giving this system an excellent reputation. In addition, the author has previously written another book about lottery algorithms. This system is among the best ones in rating among users.

Product for life

After buying this product, there will not be any additional charges. You can have it and use for life and it will updated regularly for free so you have current data to predict in your software.


It is an online product

It only works if you are connected to the internet. You cannot download it and then use it when you are offline. You will experience some trouble if you do not own a reliable internet service.

Premium versions users will be required to renew their service once a month

The premium version is not a onetime fee product. If you do not read everything you might be surprise with extra monthly billings.

You will not get instant results

It is not magic, you will not always win. Probabilities of winning are high but there are still chances of error. You must have patience and stick to it. You may not become millionaire but your funds are likely to increase significantly.

The 60-day guarantee is not completely reliable

According to some past users there is a long list of requirements to be met before getting your money back. It is something most of companies do to detect possible failures and improve their product, so it is kind of understandable, just have in mind that it will not be a no-questions asked refund.


It is a relative new product that quickly became very popular among gaming users because it proved that there exists formulas that may improve anyone’s chances to win the lottery. This system has been designed and developed by people that have been involved in lottery games for a lot of time and they offer a refund in case you are not satisfied. Is there anything to lose? Not really, maybe a little bit of your time, but it is worth it if there is a fortune to win.” sandbox=”allow-same-origin” width=”1″ height=”1″>

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