Pound Melter Review

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Pound Melter ReviewDo you wonder why after several hours at the gym your weight never seems to go down? Are you just simply tired of taking many pills and medications that do nothing else than cripple your health? All of these supplements and drugs are never a healthier solution. They merely cost you a lot of money and you never get the promised results. They can even alter your hormone levels and do some nasty things to your mind and body. Better stay away of them. Heavy workouts are usually dangerous and you may even hurt yourself when trying to perform them.

So what now? The next step is to try dieting. And even if you have already tried a lot of diet programs, this ground breaking program is so new that only a few select people have heard about it. Welcome to the Pound Melter system! It is the result of a Harvard research on fat cells. As a result of this study, it was found out that this type of cells contain “dark” cells inside of them that once activated can literally melt fat from your body. And you can do this without killing yourself at the gym or following strange diets that lead you to starvation.

With the revolutionary Pound Melter e-book, you will experience the results you have been looking for! You will not have to count calories anymore, nor change the way you eat. That is correct! You will not have to eliminate the foods you love from your meals. What does this mean? It means that your body will be free from that annoying fat that has been eating you out for so long. Find out how this new method works now and be surprised to discover and experience incredible shocking results!

Pound Melter Product Details

Science is always evolving. In this case, a revolutionary research conducted by the Harvard University on fat cells will provide you the means you need to lose weight. Everything you did before to lose weight is nothing compared to what you are about to find out here. The scientists detected that a normal white fat cell actually carries on its inside a dark fat cell. When this newly discovered dark cell is activated, it will start “eating” regular fat cells and thus you will start burning the extra energy you have, without having to do anything in particular.

This is an innovative system which will help you to reduce weight at an amazing rate in less time than you expect to. This is a very easy to read and follow system. It will allow you to stop taking weird weight loss medications while letting you eat everything you want. After you have committed to this new program, your target weight will be closer than ever before! And the best part is that it is scientifically proved!

The program contains all the foods you can eat. You will find out it is actually regular food. This is the most important part of the plan if you think about it. A plan that lets you eat anything you want and lose weight at the same time sounds like magic, right? In fact, it is not magic, but just a very smart way to achieve your goal as far as weight is concerned.

How Does The Program Work?

The dark fat cells inside the regular white cells need to be activated. To be able to do this, you will need to lower your body temperature. But you do not have to throw buckets of ice water over your head or make a hole in a frozen lake and swim underneath it. To lower your body temperature you just need to make the right combination of foods and certain vitamins, aminoacids and minerals. Several foods that contain a fluid component like a watermelon or a coconut will lower your body temperature. By combining this type of ingredients with several other foods and juices, you will start losing weight without going to the gym or making impractical workouts.

The program will provide you with the full list of foods, aptly named cold foods, that will help you maximize your results when combining them and eating them at the exact time and at the right amount. Dieting has never been so easy and enjoyable before. The extra fat will simply go away and you will become a new person, lighter, happier and also much thinner.


You will be free from spending hundreds of hours at the gym.
There is no need to keep taking any kind of drugs or pills.
Due to the fact that you can eat what you want, you will definitely not starve yourself to death again. Instead, you will feel full and satisfied.
Counting calories is now a thing of the past. You will start losing weight right after you have commenced with the program.
It only costs $50!
In case this new program is not providing you with the results you have expected, you can always ask for a full refund as long as you request it during the first sixty days after you purchased it.


This is a new program based on a scientific research. It is not a workout program and, therefore, does not include exercising. If you are looking for a particular workout system, then you are in the wrong direction.
If you have a particular disease and you are in need of a special diet, you should talk to your doctor first in order to check if both diet systems are compatible.
Lowering your body temperature might prove difficult and it can also make you feel sick sometimes. You need to commit but right after you have understood what following this diet means.

In Conclusion

The market can offer you several diet programs, but how many of them are scientifically backed up? And also how many of them allow you to lose weight while still eating everything you love?

Download the Pound Melter PDF guidebook and start enjoying the results of this powerful breakthrough without ever again going to a gym or following restrictive meal plans! Give it a try and experience by yourself a diet program that actually works!

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