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The BTX Training ReviewIt is time for you to take your career to the next level. This program is absolutely not for wannabes, The BTX Training is for people with already some experience in lifting weight looking for the proper method to perfect their skills reaching their full potential. Stop wasting time with old school methods, you can do better than that. Do not let coaches without a constant capacitation to tell you what to do, you have to always look for the most innovative training methods, otherwise, you will stuck at being a simply ordinary lifter. The most common mistake is to rely on people without the proper capacitation. You stick to one system because you are familiar with it, but by doing that you will never see real and constant progress. Do not worry, there is still time to do something about it. I was like you before. I went to the gym every day and at first I could see progress rapidly, but all of the sudden it was like I could not move forward, you know? Somehow I knew I had not reached my maximum potential yet, I knew I had more inside me, I just could not find the way to get it out. I even paid a personal trainer and results were the same. I was stuck. My motivation was falling, going to the gym was not the same anymore, it seemed like a waste of time. I started looking for online programs to see if something could help me to maximize results and The BTX Training was the only training program that really convinced me. I will never regret it because The BTX Training is the most complete program you will ever see. This is my The BTX Training Review and I will tell you how it works and what you will find inside this innovative badass blueprint. Check it out.

General Overview

You may be wondering why I said that The BTX Training is the most complete training program you will ever find. Well, let me explain. The BTX Training is a raining guide that will help you to boost your performance in only a few weeks. There is no schedule, so it is quite flexible, results will only depend on your hard work. The BTX Training is a very motivational experience though as Rob Sulaver, the author of this program, trainer, instructor and sports nutritionist will push you to give everything you have inside you, you will be able to reach your full potential. The BTX Training is a downloadable experience, after your purchase you will get instant access to it and you can have access from any electronic device, so The BTX Training is great to be followed from the gym. The creation of The BTX Training is the result of a lot of years of hard work, researches and trials, so you will be getting scientifically proven to work methods, nothing but the best. You will train plenty of qualities like speed, strength, endurance, power and hypertrophy in a very organized way. You will get complete strength and energy in your training performance combining the expertise from different fields such as gymnastics, power lifting, sports psychology, Olympic lifting, cross training and body building just to name a few. The BTX Training is really a badass program. It is what any person willing to boost their performance to their maximum capacity needs. Forget about the old school methods that have been leaving you behind, take a step to the next level and be amazed with the results. The BTX Training is really easy to follow as it is highly visual and interactive, you will get access to hours of video training. This makes The BTX Training a super straight forward training guide, because nobody likes to waste their time.

Product Details

Now, about the product, let me explain you that The BTX Training is organized in such a way you can see gradual progress. It is very important to start from the beginning so as to avoid injuries. The BTX Training is totally safe to use, however, you need to follow strictly.

Chapter 1: This chapter was originally written by Schwarzenegger, it is named The Sport That Must Not Be Named. It is included in The BTX Training because it very motivational and it has a lot of useful information.

Becoming Bulletproof: This module will help you to build a bulletproof foundation to avoid injured, your future progress will rely on this, so it is very important.

Building Solid Muscle: This is an energy system based on anaerobic endurance. This is also a foundation so then you can build massive muscle.

Strength and Sustainability: Foundation is over now, real work begins. This chapter is based on aerobic power so you can benefit of your energy sustaining effort for very long periods.

Become a Superhero: This is one of the most motivational parts and you will get to move massive weight dramatically increasing your power and performance.

Cross Training: In this part of The BTX Training you will combine everything you have learned. It is the most intense part of the training and you will improve anaerobic enzymes, endurance and lactic acid tolerance.

All the part of this powerful training includes training logs so you can track your progress. It may sound unnecessary, but it is actually what separates pros from amateurs. You have to keep track of everything you do if you are looking for serious improvement in your performance. As I mentioned before, instructional videos are includes so you can understand the details of each exercise.


  • The BTX Training is really easy to follow
  • The training you will find is effective
  • Vet visual, encouraging and motivational
  • Combination of several fields and scientifically based
  • Free customer support
  • Instant access from any electronic device
  • 60 day money back guarantee included


  • The BTX Training requires your full commitment
  • Method is proven to work but results depend on your consistency


The BTX Training is a performance guide explained step by step through instructional videos. You must have some lifting experience if you want to use this program, if you do not, there are other programs by the same author you can follow before starting The BTX Training. The BTX Training is all about continuum strength and conditioning. Traditional gym equipment is needed. Sledge hammer work is also included, but you can totally replace it with a cable chop, not as cool but results will be the same. The researches conducted to create The BTX Training are based on residual training for different motor abilities and motor programming. The BTX Training is divided into fice phases and each of them focuses on different aspects of strength and performance. You must follow it properly to prevent injuries. The BTX Training is a onetime fee only program that will help you to reach your full potential. Do not miss this opportunity to incorporate modern and scientifically based techniques to improve your performance rapidly and solidly. You will get to train with a professional instructor, one of the top fitness experts of America, affiliated with Nike and part of the Schwarzenegger’s advisory board. Download The BTX Training right away, results are only a few weeks away!

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